Friday, May 8, 2009

Have Psoriasis? Monitor Blood Glucose, Pressure

If you think that psoriasis is only a skin disorder, then you may have to think again. Dermatologists may not tell you that the condition is more than skin deep, as what happened in my case, keep in mind that you are missing a very important piece of information. Numerous studies have already been conducted pointing to psoriasis as an autoimmune disease which is linked to many other health conditions.

The latest study conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School found that women sufferers have higher probability of developing type 2 diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure). This is not the first time that psoriasis has been linked to diabetes and hypertension, however. While the cause as to why psoriasis patients have higher chances of developing diabetes has not been definitively known, what is clear is that having psoriasis makes us more vulnerable to developing diabetes than women who are not suffering from this chronic disease.

While this study is very interesting on our part, it should not cause any panic. For as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle, your chances of acquiring diabetes and hypertension are low. Many women with psoriasis did not develop these conditions at the time the study was conducted. All the women included in the study were also white, hence, it is not clear whether the findings would be applicable to other races, such as Asians.

Nonetheless, it pays to be on top of the situation. Go and have your blood glucose level and blood pressure checked by your doctor as soon as possible. I had mine checked already.

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