Saturday, May 9, 2009

Watch Your Weight, Minimize the Risk of Psoriatic Arthritis

If your age ranges from 35 to 50, then you may want to watch out for any onset of psoriatic arthritis. The risk of developing this type of arthritis becomes higher as your weight increases, according to the study conducted by the Utah Psoriasis Initiative (UPI). Psoriatic arthritis is sometimes mistaken to be the same as rheumatoid arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis, however, there are nodules which could not be found in psoriatic arthritis.

The UPI data implies that obesity comes after the onset of psoriasis. This implication may controvert other studies which indicate that obesity is secondary only to psoriasis. While these studies seem contradictory, what is important to us (psoriasis sufferers) is the findings that obesity can be a risk factor in developing psoriatic arthritis.

To keep an eye on your weight, calculate your body mass index (BMI). This BMI calculator helps you do the chore. If your BMI is over 24.9, then it is time to lose weight. Maintaining a normal weight is not only helpful in avoiding the odds of developing psoriatic arthritis, it also lessens our likelihood of developing diabetes and hypertension.

You may want to check this video about 14-year-old Jacob talking about what it's like living with psoriatic arthritis.

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